Freyja Goddess


Freyja (Freya)
the Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle, and death. stemming from old Norse Freyja, modern forms of the name include Freya, Freyia, and Freja.


Luces Candles goddess collection celebrates the uniqueness of all women; in all their shapes, colours, and imperfections. We believe that each woman is a goddess.

Our goddess candles are the perfect decorative pieces. Mix and match the different goddesses and scents to create the most beautiful space. It also makes the perfect gift for your loved ones.

All our candles are hand crafted individually so they may have slight imperfections and colour may vary. Scented candles are more likely to change in colour due to the natural properties of the wax and fragrance.

Please Note: Our Candles are made to order, so please allow 3-5 business days for orders to be dispatched.

WARNING: Place the candle on a flat heat resistant dish or candle plate big enough to collect any wax that may drip. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not light the candle where there is draught. Do not leave burning candles near any flammable materials. Keep away from pets or children.

Refer to our candle care page for additional guidance.



japanese honeysuckle (ivory)
a sweet flowering vine with one of the most loved floral scents.

top notes: mandarin, pine needle
middle notes: grape, neroli
base notes: vanilla, malt, jasmine and cedar wood

lemongrass and persian lime (beige)
the natural, fresh citrus scent of lemongrass combined with zesty lime, lemon peel and a soft floral undertone.

top notes: lime zest, lemon peel
middle notes: lemongrass, jasmine
base notes: vanilla bean, rosewood

burnt fig and cassis (cashmere)
the scent of sun warmed figs and delicate cassis, enhanced by notes of cedar wood and hyacinth. a warm strong scent that will fill up your home.

top notes: fir needle, lemon
middle notes: fig, hyacinth, cassis
base notes: cedar wood, jasmine petals

vanilla caramel (walnut)
enriched with sweet and salty buttery caramel, perfectly balanced by rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean.

top notes: citrus, almond
middle notes: salted caramel, coconut
base notes: sandalwood, roasted vanilla

black raspberry (charcoal)
delicious dark raspberries combined with sun-sweetened blackberries to produce this amazing scent.

top notes: blackberry, raspberry
middle notes: jasmine, sweet pea
base notes: vanilla, malt and mixed berry jam

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Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 10 cm


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